The Good Guise


So ends this particular account of the two witnesses.

The prophecies that were delivered in the form of anagrams were not made public during this look at the two witnesses and, with or without me, one day that will happen. Though I possess all of them at this point, it was decided that this was not the proper forum by which that information should be disseminated for a variety of reasons. Before that happens, it should be generally accepted that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the two witnesses.

There is much that still needs to be disclosed about the two witnesses. Each artistic creation that was released by the two witnesses needs to eventually be documented in detail. Only a small number of those were addressed adequately in this book. To that end, the movies Yellow Submarine and Magical Mystery Tour contain a great wealth of information; each of those movies require much of a person that decides to attempt to extract pertinent information from those products of the two witnesses. A detailed explanation of the symbolic meaning of the terminology used by the two witnesses also needs to take place. These things will not be done by me, though, of that I am sure. My part is done; I have accomplished what I was supposed to accomplish.

If you close this book and don’t give a second thought about the two witnesses and the prophecies they delivered at least go away with the understanding that everyone plays a role in the Establishment. No matter where you are or what you do, you can not dodge that aspect of your life. What role you will play from here on out is your choice to whatever degree you allow, with God taking care of the rest.


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