The Good Guise


There is no better way to start off this book than by going directly to the heart of the matter and saying that the two witnesses that appear in The Bible at Revelation 11:3, and the prophecies that they delivered, have been identified. The two witnesses have been identified as being John Lennon and Paul McCartney [13] and most people, especially those that claim to be Christian, are justifiably shocked, even offended, that such a thought could even be formulated let alone put forth to the public. Without hearing another iota of information related to this claim most people immediately decide that this can not be the case.

But John and Paul were the two witnesses. Or, to phrase this in a more concise manner – for a period of 1,260 days prophecies from God passed through them into their artistic efforts and in this manner the prophecies of the two witnesses were delivered to the world.

Did John and Paul know that they were the two witnesses? At first it appeared that was the case but now it appears that they delivered prophecy without being aware of what they were accomplishing. And to make matters even more complicated it seems that the two witnesses delivered their messages of prophecy without anyone being able to tell that the prophecies were being delivered.

And, to top all of that off, the prophecies of the two witnesses could justifiably be classified as unholy by some; for the two witnesses came and delivered information to the Christian world that facilitates the rise of the anti-Christ; the one tied to the number 666.

You will need to decide for yourself if a prophet that delivers this type of information is unholy or holy.

All Christians must by default agree that the Establishment can not completely manifest itself until the events that are detailed in the book of Revelation have come and gone. The Good Guise has been written from the perspective that since the two witnesses help the events in Revelation progress they were devout Christians. What all Christians need to realize and accept is that God, through his fulfillment of the plan of Jesus Christ, makes all events come to pass regardless if these events are classified by us as being unholy, or evil, in just the same fashion that he causes all events deemed holy, or good, to take place.

We need to realize that the culmination of the plan of Jesus Christ, the Establishment, is something that will occur some day and that, prior to that, life will at times be very unpleasant from the perspective of those that are Christian members of the human race. The time that the anti-Christ is in power here on earth will be the most painful of all for those that claim openly that they worship only Jesus Christ.

If we are to believe in God and Jesus Christ we must attribute all events that take place as being events that lead to the Establishment and therefore as originating from and being controlled by God. After all, it is very hard to imagine that God would place the ultimate outcome of the Establishment in the hands of Satan, if only temporarily. If that were the case, Satan would just not complete the acts projected for him to complete, thereby causing the remaining words of prophecy found in The Bible to never come to pass; thereby destroying the possibility of the Establishment from ever coming to be.

Once we acknowledge this we begin to understand how it can be said that the two witnesses, though providing information that helps bring about the rise of the anti-Christ, are holy because in the larger scheme of things they are helping to bring about the eventual Establishment.

Many Christians believe that the manifestation of the two witnesses will be related to the physical return of Elijah and Moses. It is true that phrases in The Bible that describe the two witnesses are also found in The Bible where Elijah and Moses appear. But is that enough to justify staying with this point of view even when a preponderance of evidence indicates otherwise? After reading The Bible from cover to cover many times it seems that all we have to directly work with within the confines of The Bible as far as the two witnesses are concerned is found almost exclusively in Revelation 11. Specifically, Revelation 11:3 is ground zero for the two witnesses, and the nine passages that follow, Revelation 11:4-12, help to further describe the two witnesses.

The beginning of Zechariah, up through Zechariah 5, also contains passages that relate very well to the two witnesses. Though there is no direct reference to the two witnesses in Zechariah these passages prove important because events found in Revelation 11, 12, and 13 relate back to Zechariah in convincing fashion once the two witnesses are properly understood, thereby providing us with at least one additional area of scripture outside of Revelation that we can look to when trying to better understand the two witnesses.

But other than Zechariah, we are left with not much of a direct biblical foundation from which we should feel confident deriving in advance who the two witnesses are going to be and what they will prophesy about. This is the one thing that must be understood about prophecy; that is, its manifestation can only be identified after the prophecy has been fulfilled. Sure, we can all agree together that a prophecy will one day take place, we can all postulate about its various manifestations, but the truth of the matter is that the manner in which a prophecy is fulfilled in the future is sure to be in a manner not yet considered by the bulk of the current human race. Expect scripture to manifest itself symbolically when least expected; expect scripture to manifest itself literally when least expected. It has to be that way or else those that wish to destroy the materialization of biblical prophecy would be able to do so.

This explanation of the two witnesses is vastly different from all of those that find an interest in putting forth their own postulations regarding the two witnesses, for not only is the assertion made here that the 1,260 day period of prophecy is an event that has already come and gone but the assertion is also made that the prophecies that were delivered during that time period have been identified.

During July, 2005 the notion was formulated that John and Paul were the two witnesses but it wasn’t until just recently that everything has come together as far as an understanding of the two witnesses, and all they accomplished, goes.

Let’s take a look at the two witnesses at a high level. Let’s imagine that God must operate in a very tangible manner when delivering prophecy to mankind through the two witnesses. Let’s imagine that the two witnesses will not come floating down from the sky playing angelic harps that the whole world can hear simultaneously for 1,260 days. Let’s imagine that their will be no mountain tops filled with smoke and fire as was depicted in The Bible during the time of Moses.

No, in order to see the two witnesses you must realize that the prophecies could be delivered in a reality-based manner. We must acknowledge that God can use the physical and cultural variables that are currently in existence to deliver the prophecies.

So, just how does prophecy get delivered to the entire world? To be exact, there is no where in The Bible that says that the two witnesses will deliver prophecy to the entire world; The Bible just says that the two witnesses will deliver prophecy. We are left with having to decide just how many people will be exposed to the prophecies and in turn just how many of those exposed will ever realize what they are exposed to.

God treated us all as potential equals in at least the first respect as he delivered the prophecies in the music of The Beatles. We all have been exposed to the prophecies one way or another. God chose a period of The Beatles beginning with November 24th, 1966 and ending on May 7th, 1970 to deliver the prophecies through the two witnesses. This period is a 1,260 day period and the beginning and the ending dates of this period carry with them a fairly high level of significance as far as The Beatles are concerned. November 24th, 1966 is the day that The Beatles began recording Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. May 7th, 1970 is the day prior to the release of the final Beatles’ album Let It Be. [14]

In other words, 1,261 days after the Sgt. Pepper recording sessions commenced The Beatles released their final album, which had been recorded earlier. If one understands the history of The Beatles, the release of the album Let It Be was the formal end of the artistic relationship between John and Paul. Once the 1,260 day period ended the two witnesses never created or recorded any music together, thereby fulfilling the prophecy put forth in Revelation 11:7 that states:

Now when they have finished their testimony,
the beast that comes up from the Abyss will attack them,
and overpower and kill them.

Music is the perfect vehicle by which to deliver prophecy to the entire world. Music is a great medium for prophecy to exist in because it tends to survive well over extended periods of time. Music also more easily extends beyond mankind’s language, cultural, and political boundaries. It is my understanding that music, once it is projected into our atmosphere, may well continue traveling for quite some time, bouncing off and penetrating both ground and atmosphere. Because of this, it is easy to picture a world fully enveloped and saturated in prophecy through the transmission of music – prophecy that no one could detect until now.

Why is it that the prophecy of the two witnesses was delivered in a manner that no one would detect? Well, the short, not-so-fun answer is because this is what scripture states will happen as far as the prophecies go. Revelation 11:6 states:

They have power to shut up the sky
so that it will not rain during the time
they are prophesying.

This statement carries a significant meaning when it is viewed as being symbolic in nature. To that end, most of what is stated about the two witnesses should be recognized as being highly symbolic in nature and interpreted as such. [15]

What is meant by the statement, no rain will fall for a three and half year period? To answer that question we need to back up a bit and take a look at the very nature of prophecy itself. One aspect of biblical prophecy that needs to be acknowledged is that the prophecy that is found in The Bible is only available to us because those prophecies were written down. These written biblical prophecies are for the most part constructed from phrases and words found elsewhere in The Bible. By examining these other occurrences it can be shown that many aspects of a given prophetic statement are symbolic. In general, symbolic imagery of a biblical phrase can be correctly understood only if one cross-references the use of the symbolic words and phrases with similar uses found in other areas of The Bible. Doing this allows a non-symbolic definition to be successfully generated from each symbolic phrase.

If we read through The Bible in books other than Revelation we can find phrases that prove to be very useful in terms of understanding what is being conveyed by the use of the word rain in Revelation 11:6.

For example, in Isaiah 11:9 we find the following passage:

They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain,
for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord,
as the waters cover the sea.

What is significant here as far as Revelation 11:6 is concerned is the manner in which the concept of rain relates symbolically to the knowledge of the Lord phrase found in this passage. The identification of this relationship allows us to formulate the notion that falling water can be seen to depict that act of having knowledge pass between the Lord and those persons he is interested in delivering knowledge to at the moment.

Again, we find the same sort of symbolic relationship occurring in Job 37:6-7:

He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’
and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’
So that everyone he has made may know his work.

With this statement rain is used again to symbolically represent the transference of knowledge from God into a person or persons. This type of language structure regarding the symbolic relationship between rain and knowledge from God is found in other places as well in The Bible. By making this connection between the two events it can be seen that what is being said in Revelation 11 with this statement about no rain falling is that:

Knowledge, or prophecy, from God will be delivered
through the two witnesses
and no one else will be aware that it is happening.

We can now begin to formulate the elementary notion that perhaps the prophecies were ordained by God to be delivered by the two witnesses for a future generation, not the current one. To put it in very simple terms – we are being told that no one will be aware that they have been handed directly the word, or knowledge, of God from the two witnesses until some time after the prophecies have been delivered.

To date, a 40 year period has elapsed since the prophecies have been delivered. Why it is that a 40 year period has elapsed is not fully known by me at this point, but it is true that the number 40 carries with it great and varied significance in The Bible. The number 40 appears throughout The Bible and the following list highlights just a few of the ways that the number 40 has been used in The Bible:

  1. The number of days Moses was on the mountain. [16]
  2. The number of years that manna was provided while in the desert. [17]
  3. The number of days that Jesus Christ was in the desert. [18]
  4. The number of days one spent exploring. [19]
  5. The number of days one spent suffering. [20]
  6. The number of days one spent wandering. [21]
  7. The number of days one was humbled and tested. [22]
  8. The number of lashes received. [23]
  9. The time duration of peace. [24]
  10. The time duration of slavery. [25]
  11. The number of years that a leader rules. [26]
  12. The age at which one becomes king. [27]

As you can see by this short list of 12 examples the number 40 is a recurring numeric theme throughout The Bible. This recurring theme helps at the very least to extend a notion of biblical completeness and symmetry to the two witnesses once one realizes that a 40 year gap exists between the delivering of the prophecies by the two witnesses and the identification of the prophecies by the Christian public. Biblical passages found in Revelation 11 also support this elapsing of a 40 year period as well.

Revelation 11:11 is as follows:

But after the three and a half days
the breath of life from God entered them,
and they stood on their feet,
and terror struck those who saw them.

In this passage we have a reference to three and a half days. Should this statement be taken literally? Upon first glance we should conclude that if we are willing to take the 1,260 day period of prophecy as being a literal event then we should by default expect this also to be a literal time period. But is that a correct conclusion to reach? If we go back to the beginning of The Bible we find a story in which the world is created in seven days. Should we also take the references to the word day in that story of creation literally? There are some that take every statement in The Bible literally. I, however, disagree with this approach for it removes all elements of inspiration that must also come into play when an individual is reading any given biblical passage. If one takes The Bible in a strictly literal sense it is highly probable that a particular conveyance of the content of The Bible is severely compromised. We all need to humble ourselves a bit when reading The Bible and acknowledge that perhaps a literal interpretation by me is not necessarily the interpretation that was intended by God; perhaps some intervention from God in the form of inspiration while reading The Bible is needed in order to gain a proper understanding.

No, the story of creation found in Genesis would need to be taken in part in a symbolic manner in order to find a certain essence of that particular story. With this being said, we need to be aware that elsewhere in the book of Genesis there must certainly be another biblical passage containing the word day. By giving symbolic significance to the use of the word day in the story of creation are we then obligated to see the use of the word day elsewhere as also being symbolic in nature? Does this mean then that every reference to the word day is also by default to be taken symbolically? No, of course not; each reader needs to determine when a passage is to be interpreted in a literal or symbolic manner. Of course, this is why The Bible is such an incredibly powerful text, for with this realization comes the conclusion that potentially an infinite number of different interpretations are able to be generated from The Bible, each of which is potentially correct and applicable to a given circumstance of our existence, be it one that is collectively or individually based.

Regarding this 40-year period between the delivery and identification of the prophecies, the day that the 1,260 day period of prophecy ended, May 7, 1970, had already been identified at the time that this biblical passage in Revelation 11:11 was evaluated. What was also known at this time was that John and Paul were identified as being the two witnesses during the month of July, 2005. The time interval between these two dates is 35 years. By understanding how these dates relate to each other this reference to three and a half days can be understood as being a symbolic reference to this 35 year period.

Yes, three and a half decades elapsed between the time that the period of prophecy ended and the time that they were first identified, thereby fulfilling the three and a half days statement found in Revelation 11:11. Since July of 2005 over three additional years have been spent studying the two witnesses, and because of that we find that 40 years have already elapsed since the period of prophecy began on November 24th, 1966. With the period of prophecy ending on May 7th, 1970, we will be able to claim that we are currently living 40 years after the time that the two witnesses delivered prophecy up until May 7th, 2010.

The second portion of this passage…

the breath of life from God entered them, [28]
and they stood on their feet

is a symbolic statement meant to convey to you that

prophecy, or knowledge from God,
within the artistic creations of the two witnesses was
 able to be perceived. [29]

The phrase they stood on their feet is one statement that at first glance seems to not carry much significance when studying the two witnesses. However, the act of standing up is one that occurs elsewhere in The Bible in a symbolically meaningful fashion.

Ezekiel 2:1-2 contains the following:

He said to me,
“Son of man, stand up on your feet and I will speak to you.”
As he spoke,
the Spirit came into me and raised me to my feet,
and I heard him speaking to me.

Here in Ezekiel 2:1-2 we find that a symbolic relationship is established between the acts of standing upon one’s feet and receiving the word of God. Understanding this allows us to create the same symbolic relationship with the stood on their feet phrase found in Revelation 11:11. Doing this allows us to view this phrase in Revelation 11:11 as a symbolic manner of furthering and solidifying the notion that:

after 35 years the word of God, or the prophecies,
were able to be identified, or seen,
within the artistic efforts of the two witnesses.

The final portion of Revelation 11:11 states that:

..terror struck those who saw them.

With Islamic terrorism being a verifiable reality here in the year 2008, we have the ability to easily tie this statement in a nearly literal manner to the events that are going on today in this world. In that sense we could state that this biblical phrase found in Revelation 11:11:

But after the three and a half days
the breath of life from God entered them,
and they stood on their feet,
and terror struck those who saw them.

could be thought of as saying the following:

Thirty-five years after the two witnesses delivered their prophecies,
those prophecies are identified and understood.
Followers of Islam will respond to this realization
by trying to stop the propagation of the prophecies. [30]

Of course, all Christians should also be filled with a fear of God once they understand that God’s plan regarding Jesus Christ does not consider at all times the personal earthly comfort of even the most devout Christian. This realization should strike terror, or fear, into the hearts of all Christians as well.

We will more than likely see this passage in The Bible manifest itself in both manners, which leads to a larger question; that being, why is it that we generally conclude that a biblical passage considered prophetic in nature resolves down to just a single manifestation? Why can’t a single biblical passage considered prophetic in nature have multiple manifestations? It is very likely that we will come to realize that a single manifestation of biblical prophecy is not the norm.

Revelation 11 also states the two witnesses will be appointed, indicating that the time period for the prophecies to be delivered is externally determined, or influenced, leading us to be also able to reason that it may well be true that the two witnesses themselves did not know that they were delivering these prophecies to the world. Revelation 11:3 states:

And I will appoint my two witnesses,
and they will prophesy for 1,260 days,
clothed in sackcloth.

In other words, God has decided that he will deliver important information to the Christian portion of mankind at a specific time and also that he is going to deliver it through two individuals. This interpretation of this passage is consistent with scripture as there is nothing to be found in scripture that indicates that the two witnesses will be cognizant that they are delivering these prophecies.

So we can see that we have a very strange event going on with the delivering of the prophecies by the two witnesses. First, the two witnesses most likely delivered prophecy without fully understanding what was taking place. Secondly, they delivered prophecy in a manner so subtle, so hidden, that no one could detect the prophecies while they were being delivered. There is nothing written in The Bible that indicates otherwise.

The rise of the anti-Christ is something that should terrify any Christian, for with the rise of the anti-Christ the world will witness the severe persecution of Christianity. Christianity will die during the time that the anti-Christ is operating at full power and in all likelihood it will be a violent, measurable death. The two witnesses spoke of this upcoming death of Christianity [31] and this is a hard, sobering aspect that all Christians must come to grips with when talking about the anti-Christ.

If we look ahead to Revelation 20 where the first 1,000 years of Christ’s rule takes place the only individuals that are raised to be with Christ at that time are those that have been beheaded. Revelation 20:4 states:

…And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded
because of their testimony about Jesus
and because of the word of God.
They had not worshiped the beast or his image
and had not received his mark
on their forehead or their hands.
They came to life and reigned with Christ
a thousand years.

This use of the word beheaded should be taken literally here and it is made because when the anti-Christ attains full strength many, many Christians will be beheaded. Those that are not beheaded will be converted to Islam for this explanation of the prophecies of the two witnesses will demonstrate that it is from the religion of Islam that the anti-Christ comes.

Also in Revelation 13:10 we find a similar passage:

“If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go.
If anyone is to be killed with the sword,
with the sword they will be killed”.
This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness
on the part of God’s people.

This passage is placed in The Bible between the appearance of the first and second beasts of Revelation 13, identifying the time period that many Christians will be converted to Islam and/or persecuted as never before for this is the time that the anti-Christ comes to power. The use of the word captivity is a reference to the forced conversion to Islam that many Christians will go through; while the killed with the sword phrase is a reference to the beheadings that will take place of those that refuse to be converted.

As you know, the religion of Islam practices openly the beheading of Christians. Make no doubt about it – Islam is on the march to attain world dominance and this world dominance shall be achieved by that religion and its leaders, though only temporarily. No one will be able to stop this from happening, even with someone like me speaking from the highest mountain that it is from the religion of Islam that the anti-Christ will emerge. Watch carefully the activity of Islam worldwide and you will see it becoming stronger each and every day. Once Islam’s strength reaches critical mass through political, economic and legal maneuverings it will turn forceful and violent to reach quickly total world dominance.

Quite a bit has been covered up to this point and some aspects of this Introduction to the two witnesses have been made without adequate preparation or substantiation. This is good time to back up and start at the beginning. It will benefit you greatly if you are walked through everything that was initially identified about the two witnesses in basically the same order that it happened. Hopefully, you will clearly see how researching the two witnesses began and how each additional piece of information was incorporated into that effort and how it is possible that statements such as those found in this book are now being put forth to the public.

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