The Good Guise


This document contains color images. It is recommended that a color printer be used when printing this document.

This book, The Good Guise: The Beatles, The Bible, Michael, and Mary, is a religious document. It is intended for those of us that realize that we are all floating, with our heads barely above water, in a river that is rapidly sweeping us to our destination. It is for those of us that wish to embrace that current, to try and understand it, to contribute to it, as opposed to those who choose to just float along with no desire to understand that which is larger than each of our own individual existences.

Because it was not possible to obtain permission regarding the use of the copyrighted items referenced in this book [10], a prerequisite for all readers of this account of the two witnesses is that they must legally obtain and possess personal copies of the items listed below:

The album Revolver
The single Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever
The album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
The album cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
The single All You Need Is Love / Baby You’re A Rich Man
The single Hello Goodbye / I Am The Walrus
The EP Magical Mystery Tour
The movie Magical Mystery Tour
The covers (British and US) of Magical Mystery Tour
The single Lady Madonna / The Inner Light
The single Hey Jude / Revolution
The album The Beatles (The White Album)
The album cover of The Beatles (The White Album)
The album Yellow Submarine
The album cover of Yellow Submarine
The movie Yellow Submarine
The single Get Back / Don’t Let Me Down
The single The Ballad Of John And Yoko / Old Brown Shoe
The album Abbey Road
The cover of the album Abbey Road
The single Something / Come Together
The single Let It Be / You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
The Album Let It Be
The front and back cover of the album Let It Be
The lyrics related to each song listed above.
(A book titled The Beatles Lyrics, The Songs of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr is available through the Hal Leonard Corporation and completely satisfies this lyrical requirement.)
The album Imagine
The lyrics to the song Imagine
The drawing that inspired the song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Though it was not possible to secure these permissions, these items are still allowed to be used by someone such as myself, but only to the degree that Fair Use laws allow, the use of which is determined on a case-by-case basis by an honorable court. For example, under Fair Use law a person would generally not be allowed to display the entire cover of Yellow Submarine while making a specific point about one aspect of the cover. Instead, Fair Use law requires that only the portion of the picture that is relevant to the immediate discussion at hand can be displayed. The same holds true regarding the lyrics to a particular song. Only the word or line or verse of the song that is pertinent to the immediate discussion at hand can be referenced. For that reason you will notice an absence in this explanation of the two witnesses of the lyrics to entire songs, or pictures of entire album covers, etc. For example, in this account of the two witnesses an exhaustive analysis of the song Penny Lane takes place but no where in that analysis will you find the words of the entire song printed for your ease of reference. In addition, this book only references items as they are directly pertinent to the topic at hand regarding the two witnesses. It is the astute reader’s task to make the connection between the specifics put forth in this book about these copyrighted materials and the observations made by you that are a result of an in-depth study of your own personal copies. Of course, since this book is a Christian religious document ordained by God and Jesus Christ the contents of this book can not be withheld from the Christian public.

You will need to decide for yourself whether John and Paul were fully conscious that they were fulfilling the biblical prophecies related to the two witnesses. I myself have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other on this issue. Initially, I was inclined to think that John and Paul willfully and purposely performed every action required to satisfy the scriptural characteristics of the two witnesses. Then, as my understanding of what was accomplished through the lives and efforts of John and Paul grew I began to lean more in the direction of thinking that John and Paul may well have not had any idea that they were fulfilling scripture by acting as the two witnesses; that God was using the two of them as conduits to deliver information to the Christian world in the form of prophecy. Now, here at the end of my explanation of the two witnesses I feel that the reality of this aspect of the two witnesses lies somewhere between the two extremes; that John and Paul must have had some idea that they were the two witnesses but perhaps they did not have a complete understanding regarding how the prophecies were to be delivered or what those prophecies specifically pertained to in terms of subject matter. They may also not have had a full, specific understanding of the eventual impact of the prophecies delivered. This book was written over the course of time that I went from one viewpoint to another in this regard. As a result you will find that at times I attribute everything regarding the two witnesses as originating wholly from God, while at other times I attribute everything as being a result of the purposeful will of John and Paul. Of course, neither of these perspectives may be entirely true. This was just one of the many literary challenges I encountered while trying to account for what was accomplished through the two witnesses. I chose to allow myself to go through these natural shifts in perspective that I believe anyone would have gone through while writing this book. You will therefore observe this shifting of perspective as you progress through this account of the two witnesses. I believe that this book could not be written otherwise and it is my hope that you will not find this aspect of the text distracting but just a result of my trying to account for subject matter such as this.

Throughout the writing of this book I found that I often made reference to the final outcome of Revelation; that being the establishment here amongst the human race of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. I found that I employed the use of this phrase many, many times and eventually I felt the repeated appearance of this phrase had the potential of becoming cumbersome not only to you but also to me as well. In addition, I found the phrase amongst the human race to be way too flowery for my style of writing though its use was necessary. I must say that I am not sure if this kingdom will be established here on Earth though I am sure that it will take place amongst the human race. The overall particulars (how, what, where, when, why) of the kingdom of Jesus Christ are a complete unknown to me, though I can speak confidently to some degree about what has taken, or what is taking, or what will take place as is written in Revelation 11, 12, and 13. The wording in Revelation regarding the upcoming establishment of Jesus Christ’s kingdom easily allows for many interpretations, including the possibility that this establishment takes place somewhere else than on the surface of the planet Earth. Of course, it may all happen right here on Earth as well. As a result, I find the phrase here on Earth as being too limiting and potentially false. To avoid this potential falsity I instead employed the use of the phrase, amongst the human race to remove this location limitation while talking about this upcoming establishment of Jesus Christ’s kingdom. With all of this being said I found a need to try and make this reference to this coming kingdom of Jesus Christ in a much more abbreviated fashion. I eventually came to refer to this kingdom that Jesus Christ establishes here amongst the human race, as well as the events that directly help along the coming of this kingdom as the establishment. Since this event is of such great importance, and since the events that take place to help along the coming of this establishment are of nearly equal importance, I have decided that this term establishment should be elevated to the category of proper noun. As a result, all following occurrences of the use of the word establishment when used in this context are capitalized.

Various passages from The Bible are used to clarify and better explain which aspect of the two witnesses is under discussion at the moment. These passages have been taken from a TNIV [11] version of The Bible. It is this author’s opinion that the TNIV is the most relevant and applicable version today in existence of The Bible when one’s purpose while using The Bible is to better understand the current manifestation of prophecy. One of the many profound concepts that was put forth by the two witnesses is found in the phrase you are here. This phrase was put forth by the two witnesses to advance the idea that all that any person can understand about anything, including the existence of God and his plan can only be understood within the time and context of their own life. In other words, it is impossible for someone in the year 2005 to explain in detail the prophecies put forth in The Bible that will come to pass 100 years from now. All versions of The Bible do have the ability to provide significant religious insight to a degree but since the TNIV is a product of these current times I find that it is this version of The Bible that is most applicable regarding the two witnesses. It is this author’s contention that before the time that the TNIV came into existence it was impossible for someone to have any idea whatsoever about how Revelation 11, 12, and 13 would unfold in this physical reality we all find ourselves gathered together in. When one acknowledges that no individual is able to provide a clear explanation of the manifestation of the Establishment from start to finish, it is understood that each of us has access to our own small piece of this incredible plan that has been put into motion by God. It is only God that has a complete picture of what has been, what is, and what will be. This book’s primary focus is on the manifestation of the biblical passages found in Revelation 11, 12, and 13. The two witnesses were more human than god-like in this respect; they did not come and provide any significant explanation regarding any religious event occurring outside those three chapters. No one is able to fully understand every aspect of the plan that God has with the human race. Because of this you should keep in mind that this book is one piece of a large, very profound puzzle. It is the task of some future person or persons to assemble the puzzle, occasionally reshaping each piece as needed. We are a collective of humanity that must work together towards the coming of the Establishment. Each of us has an individual responsibility to make known to others that which has been observed.

Dates are in MMDDYY format.

The number 9 is talked about in detail in this book. The general grammatical rule is that any number below eleven should be referenced not in numerical format but in written, or textual, format. In other words, we are supposed to write ten, not 10, but when we get to eleven it is acceptable to write 11. In this book, though, the number nine is frequently referenced as the number 9. This is done because the two witnesses more often than not projected the numerical, instead of the textual, depiction of this number.

This document contains a fair amount of footnotes. These footnotes differ from typical footnotes in that they do not always serve to solely identify a source of a given statement. What was found while this document was being assembled was that minor digressions were needed to give you a broader understanding of the topic at hand. These side comments, or minor digressions, were initially included directly in the document as part of the main text, but it was ultimately decided that they were more distracting than beneficial when placed in the main text of the document. However, when they were moved down into the footnote portion of the document they accomplished what was intended – to provide you with a broader base of information – while still allowing the general discussion at hand to proceed as smoothly as possible.

Throughout this description of the two witnesses it is stated many times that it is to the Christian world that the prophecies of the two witnesses were delivered. As you begin to understand what the prophecies pertain to it initially may be hard to understand how prophecies such as these can be directed towards only the Christian population. However, until a person believes in God and Jesus Christ it is impossible to see The Bible as anything more than a text full of mythology, at best, to put it quite plainly. In other words, it is impossible for a person to conclude that John and Paul were the two witnesses, ordained by God and Jesus Christ to complete these actions, if that person doesn’t even believe in God and Jesus Christ to begin with. With that being said, you should understand that if you do not believe in God and Jesus Christ then taking the time to read this book may not result in anything of substance, unless your goal is to learn what new observations are put forth about John and Paul regarding their artistic efforts. For those non-Christians that pick up this book the odds are very great that the concentration required to read this book will result in their not completing this text, allowing them to begin again doing those meaningful things they were doing before they picked up this book.

I must also ask you, before you read this book, the following question: At what point in this explanation of the two witnesses will you stop falling back upon the argument that the Lennon-McCartney / biblical relationships established herein are a result of coincidence or of an over-active imagination? How many aspects of the artistic efforts of John and Paul must be disclosed before one leaves the notion of coincidence behind for good when trying to understand what went on during the period of prophecy? A reasonable person must eventually accept the very preponderance of the data presented in this book as being significant in and of itself as everything occurring during the period of prophecy is shown here to consistently relate to the general theme that John and Paul were the two witnesses and that they delivered prophecy during that time period. This, of course, is the goal of this book – to convince you that John and Paul were the two witnesses. Though the contents of this book comprise just a small portion of what I can speak in detail about regarding the two witnesses, [12] I believe that this book accomplishes that goal. Once you also concur, the next steps are up to you. I would also like to be very frank with you just this once and tell you that the contents of this book are accurate. If you read through the entire book and feel otherwise I have only myself to blame for not conveying clearly to you the two witnesses. I hope and pray that will not be the case.

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